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What up with Bix?
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Below are the 7 most recent journal entries recorded in turtlesmom's LiveJournal:

Thursday, February 28th, 2008
12:10 pm
Yes, I understand fully that this is totally random, to everyone reading this. I know who's going to read it, and yet, I have been thinking about it for days. . . . to post an update into my life, or not too. I saw the "reminder" in my E-Mail about a week ago, sent there by a not-so-random person, and have not been able to shake it since, so here it goes.

Devin Dean Harris was born January 5, 2008, making him 8 weeks old tomorrow. Brooklynn is an amazing older sister, considering she truly believes that he is HER baby, and we (Mike and myself) just get to "play" with him sometimes. I expected her to show signs of jealousy, after all she's almost 2 1/2, but so far we've had non of that. I was extremely ready for Mr. Devin to be born, after all he weighed in at a very healthy 10.1! He was 23" long, and had a (proportionate) 16'' head. You can imagine how great my back felt to get that weight off! This pregnancy went much smoother however, thankfully I had no blood pressure issues, no head aches, just a little back pain from how big he was. To avoid another hemorrhage after birth, I scheduled a C-Section when I was 38 weeks along. . . . . not that I think I could have, or wanted to, deliver a 10 pound baby!! He's a beautiful, perfect, wonderful little guy, who looks just like his daddy (and his big sister for that matter).

I'm hoping that things will begin to settle down for us soon, it's been nonstop since his birth. I developed an infection from my C-Section, I had Mastitis (a nursing infection), Devin was in Children's Hospital for 10 days with RSV, and he's been seen by a specialist for his Liver. They were very concerned about his Liver function because he was very jaundice, and was not responding to treatment for it. Thankfully, we have good reason to believe that his liver is actually fine, and have come to find out, that very rarely, some babies get rid of jaundice extremely slowly.... so he could have it until 6 months of age. He's also had a double ear infection already, and Brooklynn has had croup 3 times since January........ needless to say, I'm SICK of DR'S!!!! =)

We bought our first house a few months ago, just minutes from our old one that we rented from my sister. It's awesome knowing we own this one though, and the back yard is beautiful. It reminds me a lot of the back yard that I had at the house I grew up in. And actually, from the outside, it looks like the same model that Julie grew up in. . . . . which makes me think of her often.

Our dogs are all still kickin' and doing good. They are a bit mad at me however, because I'm the one that made Mike put up a mini-fence in the back yard, splitting it 50/50 for dogs and kids. Since no matter what I do, they always ruin their outside space somehow, I wanted to make sure the kids have a nice area to play.... so the dogs got gipped out of half the yard.... they'll get over it one day! ;)

Current Mood: relieved
Wednesday, September 27th, 2006
2:11 pm
Mrs. Harris reporting here . . ..
So the truth is, I totally for got about this thing! Sorry gals. . . . .

So, no small talk today. . . I GOT MARRIED!! Dang it's been a long time coming (almost 7 years!!). But yes, Mike and I are finally official! It happened so fast this weekend, I really feel like it was all a dream.

Friday he gave me a card w/a gift certificate to a spa in Cherry Creek. My card told me that I deserved a day of awesome treatment, including a massage and getting my nails/hair done. So on Saturday I went. It was a totally nice place, and my hair and nails looked great! Saturday night we dropped Brooklynn off at his mom's house, then went downtown and he got us a carriage ride (awwww, the horse was SO pretty!!!). We rode in the carriage around downtown, and under the lights on Larimer (sp?) street, he did it... he finally asked me to marry him!!!!!!!!!! It was so cute, he even got on his knee in the carriage. Some people on the sidewalk saw him doing that and started cheering. . . it was awesome!

After the carriage ride we went to the Melting Pot for dinner (YUM). Of course that was great. They gave us a bottle of wine (on the house) when they found out we had just gotten engaged. . . and you all know my alcohol tolerance is like ZERO, so after that.. it was definitely time to go home!!!

The crazy part was next. Monday morning we got married. Yup, we went downtown and got married less then 48 hours after we got engaged.

So. Mrs Harris it is. . . .Chelsea Anne Harris. . .. sounds like it was meant to be, doesn't it? lol ;)

(We're taking our honeymoon in Feburary, probably going to Florida for a week!)

Current Mood: ecstatic
Tuesday, May 23rd, 2006
9:22 am
I can't believe I want to quit.
I want to quit my job really bad. I'm just so sick of Bill in the mornings ("Mr. Personality" as I like to call him). I'm sick of Truman's dumb you-know-what. Nathan and Meredith seem to be in the most difficult age yet (2's were a piece of cake compared to this year). I don't know. I dread coming to work. My day goes so slowly I want to pull my hair out. If it wern't for Brooklynn and the fact I get to spend my days w/her, I would have quit by now. It's just so frustrating knowing that I can't find another job w/as good of pay/benifits that I have here... w/out paying for day care as well. This sucks. We need to win the lotto.

Thanks for letting me vent.

Current Mood: *1000
Thursday, May 18th, 2006
11:13 am
So I'm just sitting here in shock thinking about how old everyones babies are. . . it's just crazy. A lot has happened in this last year, thats for sure!

We're doing good. Trying to get ready to buy a house (we've totally out grown ours already). We need a BIG house. It probably wont matter how big of a house we get however because our dogs will be by our sides no matter what. She we really wont feel like we have any more room in a bigger house. Still, I want to move. The cost of living in Highlands Ranch is so stupid. You pay TONS of money, for not very much. Yes they have the rec centers, but I have not used them one time in the 8 months I've lived there. Seems like i'm throwing our money away!!

Brooklynn has made a big change as far as crawling goes. Just in the last week she decided that her tummy actually IS an ok place to hang out (she's always hated it w/a passion), and now she is pushing herself up pretty high. When she's not pushing up she's kicking her legs like crazy. So now if she just puts the two together, she'll be off and running!! =)

Current Mood: mellow
Wednesday, April 12th, 2006
10:08 am
Question. . .
Ok when it comes to computers. . . I KNOW NOTHING!

How did ya'll get your pics on here? I have pics on my computer but when I go to "upload" them, it says my account will not let me upload pics.

Current Mood: confused
9:42 am
Ok. So I'm terrible at this thing. It's funny, cause I think about it a lot (saying to myself: "that would be a good entry"). . .. but then I never get on here and do it!

Anyway. Life is good. I'm going up to the mountains on Thursday night to see my parents new place, which they are sooooo excited about. My brother and sister saw it last weekend and both said that although it has WAY to much space for just my parents, it's an awesome place! I'm going to take Brooklynn up with me (duh!), which will be fun cause my parents never get to see her. Our schedules are just opposite. They are asking like every weekend for me to bring her up to Breck, but really... who has the time to spend EVERY weekend in Breckenridge??

It's kind of sad actually. I totally feel like Brooklynn is missing out on something with them. Up until they hit this big Breckenrige kick (going up EVER thrusday night, coming home Monday morning). . . they were awesome grand parents to my sisters girls. Not that they aren't good grandparents now, but they never are around. Honestly, Brooklynn has no idea who they are when we do see them. . .which sucks I think. My Dad is always trying to hold her and Brooklynn just wont have it. She just cries like hell until I take her back, the same way she does w/strangers. I think thats sad. =( Oh well, they seem happy with what they are up to. . . whatever that may be. ;)

Enough for my vent! I can't wait for Julie's candle party, it sounds like it's going to be a big baby fest. Between myself, Danielle, Carrie, and (of course) Julie. . . and I think someone else, there will be plenty of babies around! Good times. ;)

Current Mood: mellow
Monday, March 27th, 2006
3:56 pm
Live journal
So whats up with Bix? Well let me see here. I'm at work (poor me). Brooklynn sitting next to me, chewing on her bunny's ear. Julie, Matthew, Austin, and Jayden just left. Jayden is so freaking little, she doesn't even look real. I don't remember Brooklynn ever being that little.... OH DUH, Brooklynn NEVER was that little!! lol
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